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Zika Virus: Prevent the Infection (Interactive Online Seat) - English Interactive Training Zika is a virus that was first discovered in 1947 in Uganda and is primarily spread by the bite of an infected Aedes aegypti or Aedes albopictus mosquito. Before 2007, most Zika outbreaks were likely not documented because the symptoms are similar to other types of diseases. Recently, Zika has been linked closely to serious birth defects and health officials all over the world recommend that people take precautions to avoid infection because there is no vaccine, medicine, or cure for Zika. Job tasks may raise the risk for Zika infection, therefore it is very important to understand the virus in order to protect yourself, your family, and your coworkers who are or may become pregnant. This program will enable you to: • Describe the risks associated with Zika infection. • Name the ways Zika virus can be transmitted. • Describe prevention techniques to avoid Zika transmission.


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