The Bed Bug Problem Online Interactive Course

Interactive Training
Atlantic Training
20 minutes

Course Description

The recent outbreak of bed bugs since World War II has sent a fear among apartment dwellers, college students and travelers the nation. Bed bugs resist many pesticides and spread quickly in certain mattress-heavy buildings such as hotels, dormitories and apartment complexes. Bed bugs carry no known disease and health departments do not consider it a public health threat. This program will focus on how bed bugs affect and gain access in dwellings, their biology, infestations, bites, feeding habits, and how to eliminate them.

Key Words: Bed Bugs, Bed Bug Access, Infestation, Bites, Feeding Habits, Elimination, Resist Pesticides, Hotels, Dormitories, Apartment Complex, No Disease, Health Threat, Safety Video, Safety Training

Runtime: 16 Min.

  • Program Outline
  • Bed Bugs
  • Detection
  • Eliminating Bed Bugs
  • More on Bed Bugs
  • How to Eliminate Bed Bugs
  • Domestic Treatment Sanitation
  • Traveling