Operating A Telehandler Safely interactive Online Training

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Operating A Telehandler Safely interactive Online Training

Operating a Telehandler Safely Details

The telehandler can lift up to 10,000 pounds and extend outwards 30 to 40 feet. They can tilt the load lift or right to balance the load equally or to align the load to where they can precisely set down or dump the load. The telehandler operator must be competent in all phases of understanding the machine. The operator must have good eyesight including depth perception and an understanding of hand signals. Some of the capabilities of the crane operator apply to the telehandler. This program deals with the safe operation of a telehandler.



  • Telehandler Accessories
  • Inspection
  • Lifting a Load
  • Operating the Telehandler
  • Unloading Material
  • Engineering
  • Your Safety


Runtime: 14 Min.