Multi-Piece Wheel/Rim Demounting Mounting - Truck Split Rim

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17 minutes
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Course Description

Multi-Piece Wheel/Rim Demounting Mounting - Truck Split Rim (Waste Management) Details

One of the most powerful forces tire technicians work with is air pressure. Twenty-five to 30 pounds of pressure inside a passenger tire can be destructive. Truck tires inflated to 50 to 75 pounds have an even greater hazard potential. The program is designed to alert you to the hazards of multi-piece rims and safety guidelines for using and servicing these types of wheels.



  • Safety Precautions
  • Components of the Multi-Piece Rim
  • Removing the Split Rim
  • Remounting the Tire Assembly
  • Remount the Split Ring
  • Inspect the Assembly
  • Summary


Runtime: 17 Min.