Job Safety Analysis, Safety Awareness & You Interactive Training

Interactive Training
Atlantic Training
17 minutes

Course Description

Job Safety Analysis, Safety Awareness & You Interactive Training

While there are countless methods used to protect workers from injury, each method shares a common root. The genesis of all injury prevention methods is an understanding and awareness of the hazards to which a worker may be exposed. In other words, the company and the worker must be aware of a hazard before that hazard can be controlled. This program discusses the important roles played by both management and employees in recognizing and controlling workplace hazards and how this shared duty of safety awareness and hazard recognition helps prevent injury.

Detailed in the video is the process of developing a successful job safety analysis, including the sequence of dividing a job into steps, analyzing those steps for hazards and creating control measures for each step. In addition to safety awareness and hazard recognition, the concept of situational awareness is explained and what corrective actions we can take when we notice signs and symptoms of loss of awareness.


After watching the program, the participant will be able to explain the following:
• What a job safety analysis and when one should be performed;
• What information a completed JSA should contain;
• How the process of developing a JSA works;
• What safety awareness is;
• How the practice of hazard recognition can help employees avoid injuries;
• What situational awareness is and why workers must not lose it;
• What the causes, as well as signs and symptoms of loss of awareness, are;
• What corrective actions can be taken once an employee notices signs and symptoms of awareness loss.