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Industrial Ergonomics (Interactive Online) English

Atlantic Training's Industrial Ergonomics course is an engaging, interactive training program that conveys best safety practices to prevent incidents and reduce lost productivity costs at your site. Ergonomic injuries cost industry millions of dollars each year through lost productivity and medical expenses. Yet ergonomic injuries are completely preventable with proper training. Atlantic Training's cutting-edge web-based Industrial Ergonomics training course teaches your workers how to recognize ergonomic hazards and prevent injuries.

Industrial Ergonomics teaches your workers what musculoskeletal disorders are, how to reduce exposure, and how to recognize risk factors and prevent injury. Preventative measures that apply to all work environments are depicted with multiple interactions, a wide variety of industrial settings, and with dynamic 3-D graphics and video.

The combinations of creative interactions interspersed within the technically accurate lessons provide your workers a powerful understanding of how to avoid ergonomic injuries. Motivate your workers to follow proper ergonomic safety practices. Preventing musculoskelatal injuries is an important cost cutting step and part of overall effective safety training.

Our Industrial Ergonomics program teaches employees:

  • Definition of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries
  • Factors that cause MSDs
  • Preventative measures
  • Proper job function and design
  • Ergonomic Risk Factors

Industrial Ergonomics is an outstanding course that will reduce the number of ergonomic related injuries at your facility.


Atlantic Training's makes it easy to provide consistent training, stay proactive about safety goals, and respond to unplanned training requirements, and much more.

Interactive learning, real-life settings, built-in quizzes, and customizable content make our online courses more than just "watching a video." With this time-efficient and budget-friendly option, your employees learn to create a safe work environment and, best of all, to save lives.

Our online courses are designed to maximize the learning potential of every student, through expertly researched, technically accurate content from our extensive library of course topics. This flexible and cost-effective training option allows you to ensure consistent training for multiple shifts or locations and lower travel costs for training.