DOT HAZMAT Security Awareness Interactive Training

Interactive Training
Atlantic Training
45 minutes

Course Description

DOT HAZMAT Security Awareness Interactive Training

In the wrong hands, hazardous materials can be used as weapons against us. So the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) established Hazardous Materials Regulations to ensure that the more than one million HAZMAT shipments that are made every day in this country are transported safely and securely.

Created specifically to comply with the DOT's "Security Awareness" training requirement, Atlantic's "DOT HAZMAT Security Awareness" training products discuss what employees can do to help prevent theft, hijacking and sabotage of HAZMATs by terrorists.

Topics covered in these products include:

  • The need for HAZMAT security training.
  • Understanding internal threats.
  • Securing HAZMATs and the facility.
  • Preparing to ship hazardous materials.
  • Protecting HAZMAT shipments.
  • Unloading HAZ


The objective of Atlantic's DOT HAZMAT Security Awareness video Program is for employees who handle hazardous materials to be more aware of the security risks associated with transporting hazardous materials, and what they should do if they experience a security threat.