Alcohol & Drug Testing: What Drivers Need to Know Online Training

Interactive Training
JJ Keller Trucking
22 minutes

Course Description

Alcohol & Drug Testing: What Drivers Need to Know Online Training


  • Helps you comply with requirements of 49 CFR 382.601 (providing your drivers with educational materials covering 11 key areas, along with a copy of your company's alcohol and drug testing policies and procedures)
  • Using a conversational tone that speaks directly to drivers, this program:
    • Discusses the specific rules under Parts 40 and 382 of the FMCSRs, including key definitions, prohibited conduct, and the circumstances under which drivers will be tested
    • Covers the 6 types of testing required (pre-employment, post-accident, random, reasonable suspicion, return-to-duty, and follow-up)
    • Features scenarios that go through alcohol and drug testing processes and procedures
    • Emphasizes why drivers must comply with the alcohol and drug testing requirements
  • Also, includes info on refusal to submit to testing and referral to a substance abuse professional
  • Ready-to-use training program includes several components
  • Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired


Program Components

  • (1) 22-Minute Video - Combines engaging video and editing technology with expertise from a substance abuse professional. Features 25 minutes of bonus content.
  • (1) Trainer Guide - Product Code: 38798 - Features answer keys to workbook tests and exercises, and features tips and exercises for more effective training.
  • (1) Trainer's Tools CD-ROM (not sold separately) - Includes a PowerPoint® presentation, quizzes and answer keys, learning activities and handouts, clip art, posters and a training log. The minimum computer system requirements for the Trainer Tools CD-ROM are Office 2000, with Word, and Internet Explorer version 5.5.
  • (10) Driver Handbook - Product Code: 38797 - Covers the 11 required topics carriers must discuss with drivers and features a tear-out driver receipt.
  • (10) Wallet Cards - Product Code: 38796 - Provides quick, simple proof that training has been completed. Includes one wallet card sheet, perforated to provide 10 cards.
  • (1) Awareness Poster - Product Code: 38800 - Colorful poster highlights the topic and provides a visible reminder long after training is complete.
  • (1) Alcohol & Drug Testing File Packet - Product Code: 3268 (451-F) - Includes 9 forms to help you meet recordkeeping requirements and aid in best practices.

DVD Main Menu

  • Play Program - Plays Plays entire Main Program. Running time: 22 minutes
  • Chapter Selections
    • Introduction
      • Cites drunk driving stats.
      • Addresses the requirements of Part 382.
      • Defines safety-sensitive function.
      • Discusses content that will be covered in the Main Program.
    • Required Testing
      • Reviews the six types of required alcohol and/or drug tests (see below)and the circumstances under which drivers would be subject to testing:
        • Pre-employment.
        • Post-accident.
        • Random
        • Reasonable suspicion.
        • Return-to-duty.
        • Follow-up.
    • Alcohol Testing Procedures
      • Uses a realistic scenario to illustrate and review what drivers can expect if they’re sent for alcohol testing.
    • Drug Testing Procedures
      • Uses a realistic scenario to illustrate and review what drivers can expect if they’re sent for drug testing.
    • Consequences of Alcohol Abuse and Drug Use
      • Addresses what happens if a driver fails an alcohol test, tests positive for drugs or refuses to take a test.
    • Role of the SAP
      • Covers the role the substance abuse professional (SAP) plays in getting drivers who have been removed from safety-sensitive functions back to work.
    • Confidentiality
      • Goes over alcohol and drug testing records and the driver’s rights to confidentiality and access.
    • Conclusion
      • Discusses some of the signs of alcohol misuse and drug use, as well as their negative consequences on health, career and personal life.
      • Reiterates that knowing and obeying the alcohol and drug regulations help protect the transportation industry, the motor carrier, and the driving public.
  • Quiz (Running time: 10 minutes)
  • Effects, Signs & Symptoms of Alcohol Misuse (Running time: 4 minutes)
  • Effects, Signs & Symptoms of Drug Use (Running time: 7 minutes)
  • Note to Trainers (Running time: 3 minutes)
  • Previews
    • Reasonable Suspicion Testing: What Supervisors Need to Know (38337) (Running time: 5 minutes
    • CSA: Know the BASICs (27677) (Running time: 13 minutes)

Basic System Requirements

  • A 400 Mhz or faster Intel- compatible CPU
  • A video card with AGP architecture and at least 4 MB of onboard RAM
  • At least 128 MB of system RAM (Windows 2000, XP and Vista users - 256 MB or more is recommended)
  • Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows XP or Windows Vista (most software DVD decoders have either reduced function or no support under Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0)
  • The latest version of Microsoft DirectX
  • A DVD-ROM drive (DVD discs cannot be read by CD-ROM equipment)